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Four years ago, Bastiaan Roest started the development of a light, very energy-efficient, rollable heating system. More than 2 years have been invested to guarantee the safety of the heating. All necessary certificates have been issued by SGS.

The first rollable heater

The infrared heat from Invroheat is based on an invention from Russian space travel. They had to work with light materials that were still very effective and could heat the capsule in the room. Based on this, Invroheat has developed a rollable panel that gives off super good heat in the form of infrared radiation. We would like to introduce our retractable infrared heating to you.

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Conventional heating

The difference between conventional and infrared heating

All conventional heating systems, such as wood, gas, pallets, oil or heat pumps, work on the principle of convection heat. Applying convection heat means heating the air in a room, which in turn heats the people and objects in the room. This principle leads to an uneven and usually uncomfortable heat distribution in the room and to high heat losses due to the constant flow of air in and out of the room.
When warm air rises, convection heat also causes low temperatures at the floor and high temperatures at the ceiling. This means that before people in the room can even get warm, the entire volume of air in the room must be heated.
Whenever a window is opened during heating, some of this warm air escapes from the room and the incoming air must be reheated. In addition, the large temperature differences between the floor and the ceiling cause air and dust swirls, which can be especially problematic for allergic or sensitive people. Heating the air further results in an uncomfortably low humidity.

infrared heater

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heating, on the other hand, does not heat the air, but instead uses direct heat. A panel heats the walls as well as all bodies and objects in a room. The heat stored within these walls and the furniture is then evenly released. All this is a completely natural process, just like heating with a tiled stove or sunbathing.
When using an infrared heater, people in the room will get warm just a few minutes after switching on the panels, while the air will not overheat and thus become dehydrated. Nor will there be any swirls of air or dust as the heat is distributed evenly in the room.
Opening a window allows fresh air to enter without adverse effects as the heating effect is independent of air temperature and flow. Thanks to the heat emitted by the infrared heater itself and the heated objects in the room, the perceived room temperature is about 2-3 ° C warmer than when using convection heating. This means that comparatively shorter heating periods and lower target temperatures are required to achieve the same heating effect. The gentle infrared heat thus provides more comfort and lower heating costs, thanks to the faster heating effect and fewer operating hours required.
Our Invroheat heating combines all these advantages perfectly compared to conventional heating systems by using only high quality materials and ensuring that the products only meet the highest quality standards.
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