Infrared ceiling panel White, set of 4

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Invroheat panels are based on clean, infrared nanotechnology and are extremely energy efficient. Infrared heat is invisible light with a large amount of energy. When the ‘light’ hits an object, the object heats up. The heat is immediately available. Preheating is not necessary. No energy is wasted heating the air.
99.6% of the electricity supplied is converted directly into heat. This will heat up the panel within 60 seconds and reach the maximum temperature within 2 minutes. For you, this means that when you walk into your cold room, you will experience the pleasant infrared radiation within two minutes.

Low power consumption

Compared to other heating solutions, an infrared heater can reduce your monthly costs by up to 60%. Our ceiling heating consumes only 375 Watts per hour per panel. With the current electricity price 1 at 22 cents per kilowatt hour, this means that our heating panel uses only € 0.08 per hour per panel.

Replaceable image

Due to the specially developed foil and an adhesive based on natural rubber, it is possible to replace your image. Because the foil is 125 µu (0.125 millimeters) thick, you can apply it yourself. If desired, we are also happy to do that for you. In this way you can always adapt the panel to current events or to the style you want.

No installation required

To hang the panel, it can be placed in your system ceiling. Naturally, an electrical outlet must be available. The panels can be linked together. Everything is super simple for your convenience.


Bring the sun into your home and experience the healthy infrared radiation. Infrared does not heat air and therefore does not extract oxygen from the room. Because the air is not constantly circulated, pollen, dust or aerosols are also not set in motion.

No maintenance costs

The panel does not contain any rotating or moving parts. That is why your panel does not require maintenance.


Our products are fully certified. Many additional measures have been taken to ensure your safety. You can view and / or download all certificates on our website.


The heating does not produce any noise. This works well.

2 year warranty

We rely on the quality of our products and provide a full 2-year warranty.

Product Thermostat

With thermostat, Without thermostat

Additional information

On / off modes 2, via remote control
Product Width 59.5cm
Product height 59.5cm
Product Power consumption 320-400W
Product Thermostat With thermostat
Type of product Panel, Ceiling panel


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